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Payroll Processing

Paymaster offers the following payroll processing services:

  • Direct deposit (a nominal fee may apply, speak with an associate for more information)
  • Check signing
  • Customized reporting each pay period, tailored to your accounting system
  • Garnishment processing.
  • Pay-as-you-go worker’s compensation insurance processing (if enrolled). Speak with an associate for additional information.
  • New hire and termination processing.
Tax Compliance

For each of our clients, we will:

  • calculate and submit payments for Federal and State tax liabilities.
  • Prepare and submit electronically all quarterly and annual Federal and State payroll tax returns.
  • Respond to Federal and State inquiries and notices.
  • Assist with workers compensation and other audits.
  • Process multi-state payrolls at no additional cost.

We also offer 1099 processing. Speak to an associate for additional information.


Employee Benefits

Paymaster Payroll can customize employee withholding to suit any need, whether it’s withholding for an employee’s favorite charity or contributions to a retirement plan. We can ensure the proper payroll deductions are made in accordance  with the employer’s health, dental, and vision care plans.